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Send the video via Direct Message to all your followersUse the IGBoost feature to put paid advertising spend behind the IGTV videoUse relevant keywords in ALL caps in the IGTV video descriptionShare the video as a Story

You have just uploaded a 4 minute video clip into your InstagramTV (IGTV) channel. You’ve added hashtags in the description to support discoverability. What’s another tactic you could have used to surface this video to your followers? (Duplicate)

dismissively – if you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s likely not an important concernhonestly – explain you don’t have an answer, but that you’ll get back to them with itvaguely – it’s best to avoid admitting to customers that you don’t know the answerconfidently – it’s best to take your best guess at an answer, and convey it with confidence

If you encounter a question on social media channels to which you don’t have an answer, what is the best way to respond?

Link internally to previously published blog postsPaid Boost via Google AdWords for underperforming postsNone of theseEmbed pixels into all old blog postsHire a skywriter and graffiti artistEmail a blog link to all captured leadsRepublish old articles with different headlines

Let’s say you’re looking to increase the visibility of your company blog. What, in addition to SEO tactics, could you do to make it easy for people to organically find your previously published posts?